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Forth Ports PLC
Dock Gates Interlock System: Grangemouth Docks

The Challenge

·Prevent all three sets of Sea Gates and Sluices being open at the same time.
·Provide a key switch override to allow interlock to be overridden during spring tides.
·Provide a voice communication system to allow operators to talk directly to any of the other five control stations or the control room.

The Solution

·A Dupline 2 wire fieldbus system was installed to solve the interlock
·A Blick Communications System facilitated operator communication

The Benefits

Both new systems prevent the incorrect operation of the gates thus avoiding the catastrophic effects of emptying the dock.

The new voice system has reduced the number of operators by one third, as previously all messages between each station had to be relayed through the control room, whereas now messages can be sent directly between each outstation.

By installing a Dupline field and installation bus, considerable savings in installation costs were achieved. The Dupline bus system is capable of transmitting multiple digital and analogue signals over distances up to 10 Kilometers, via an ordinary 2-wire cable. Extensions or alterations are easily carried out, wheras on a parallel wired installation, this can be complicated and expensive.

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