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Promat PLC
Oven 5/6 Control System

The Challenge

·Replace existing outdated control system in order to provide effective control of both ovens and achieve desired product quality
·Provide control for new variable speed drives and steam valves to reduce energy consumption;
·Incorporate recipe style selection list for production batches;
·Build into the design, full monitoring control parameter adjustment. Allowing future streamlining of control parameters for each product type;
·Provide full trending of all monitored parameters and key information to the Scada system;
·Design in safety interlock to protect personnel and ensure electrical control meets current safety standards;
·Complete project within 6 weeks. Install and commission over a Bank Holiday period.

The Solution

·Employ a human machine interface (HMI) for the recipe selection;
·Control ovens using Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLC);
·Provide connection to the factory Ethernet network;
·Install a new control panel to comply with all current European standards for EMC, low voltage directive and compliance with current UK Health and safety legislation.

The Benefits

Promat PLC manufacture fire resistant boards. Once formed, the boards are loaded onto a rail carrage and batch-fed into a large oven for drying. The oven steam pressure, airflow, humidity, temperature and time are all parameters which need to be varied and controlled to provide effective drying of different board types.

The previous control system was obsolete and out-dated leading to lost production and inconsistent quality.

The new system provides a much improved control and data collection of all parameters, including:
· Drying time (in hours & minutes)
· Steam pressure & temperature
· Zone temperature & relative humidity
· Individual fan speed
· Individual fan ramp up & down time

This emables:
· Quality to be achieved and maintained
· Reduced batch costs through efficient energy use

Early warning system signals any equipment or steam supply failures associated with the ovens.

Management of information relating to the production/ovens is easily accessible and available on demand.

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